Coming in 2nd place in the Futurehit.DNA songwriting contest is “A Story About Me” by Reid Brannon. Reid is a Nashville-based Country songwriter and this particular song of his grabbed me for several reasons. It takes a traditional structure in a format that generally favors familiarity, and it adds dashes of the Futurehit.DNA mojo to make it more engaging for the audience. Some of the key points in the song:

-The intro is a standard 13 second intro, but because the singer (co-writer Chris Cline) does a series of “Yeahs” starting at about 4 seconds, there is a voice guiding the listener into the song. So even though it’s technically long, it’s subtly engaging to the audience only 1/3 of the way in. This is an effective “cheat” of the seven second rule for intros.
-The counter chorus is executed to great effect serving many duties within the song. The melody lines when utilized fill in several vocal gaps in the main line. The same counter is not employed at the same places each time, making the song filled with consistent unexpected elements. The first and last counter repeat the line “That’s another story”, which then subtly gets in repetition of the “Story” word in the title. This makes the entire song hookier overall.
-The end of the song offers no closure, starting into the opening line of the verse only and then failing to resolve the chorus, increasing the desire to begin the song again.

Overall, Reid’s song is a very solid example of how you can use Futurehit.DNA techniques within a formula to make a song that much more commercial in nature.

Reid Brannon “A Story About Me”


  1. Anisa Lancione January 7, 2011 at 11:56 am # Reply

    Link does not work for me: US only?

  2. Reid Brannon January 8, 2011 at 12:23 am # Reply

    Anisa, the link should work now. Try it again. Thanks for listening.

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