How often are you leaving your mark? Many people need to see multiple impressions of something before it registers in their mind. Yet musicians presume that someone sees something about their music once and that’s all they need to do. On rare occasions, this can happen. For nearly all other content, you need to make sure you are seen over and over to truly get the potential fan engaged.

One of the things that labels are good at is ensuring their artists receive multiple impressions. They make sure the music is written about in several blogs and publications. They purchase advertising. They generate stories in industry tip sheets. They make videos that get exposure online. And this is before they generate impressions on radio and TV. It is one of the cornerstones of their business’ success.

How many impressions have you received? If you just put your video out there, pushed it once to your social network and got 5,000 views, the answer is probably “not very many”. Certainly not enough to compete. If you stop promoting a week after the video comes out, you’ll get even fewer impressions just because you stopped generating impressions.

Think about some of the viral videos you’ve passed along on Facebook. If you’re like most people, you’ll recognize a friend posting a particular video or article. But unless something is really alluring, you probably won’t actually check out the content until the third, fourth, or fifth time you see it. You needed those multiple impressions before you reacted.

Your music is no different. Make sure you consistently are getting awareness of any sort in front of as many people as possible as regularly as possible. Don’t do one thing and let it be. Do several things and keep doing it. Be in several places. But most importantly, don’t settle for one impression and expect it to do the job.

You’re running a marathon with your music. Keep plugging and keep creating impressions. Eventually it will pay off.

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