Hello there! Ariel Hyatt and Jay Frank here. We’ve been friends for the better part of the past decade. We’ve also enjoyed brainstorming with each other over the future of music, where it’s going, and how do we get there. The funny thing is that our conversations were never doom and gloom. They were always full of hope and possibilities. We’ve always seen the potential for where new artists can go if they only had the right tools. Now, both of us are asked to speak about this around the world, including Canadian Music Week next month in Toronto.

But we also know how difficult it is to pin either of us into any meaningful conversation after a panel when you have 30 seconds to ask your question. And some of you are pretty damn smart and driven. So, the two of us have decided to team up for something pretty damn special…we’d like to take YOU to dinner!

That’s right…you heard us. Take YOU to dinner. Normally, we get requests to take us to lunch or dinner just to pick our brain. But this time, we’re flipping the equation. Why? Because we both thought it’d be fun. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do in this music business?

So, here’s the deal. We’ll pick four fortunate folks based on a couple of things:
1) You sign up to both our twitter accounts at @cyberpr and @futurehitdna
2) You tweet either (or both) of us as to why you should go

That’s it! The dinner will be held on Thursday, March 11th at a TBD location in Toronto. Can’t give the location away because then people will overrun our table, and we need to focus on YOU. Just in case that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get an autographed copy of Ariel’s book Music Success In Nine Weeks AND Jay’s book Futurehit.DNA.

So sign up now. We’ll be looking for potential entrants until March 8th. Then we gotta pick the 4 lucky winners and contact them. Even if you don’t get to go to the dinner, please make sure to say hello to each of us at Canadian Music Week.

Ariel & Jay

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