David Byrne’s TED talk

It’s nice to see when other music leaders agree with the Futurehit.DNA ideas, and no less an authority than David Byrne shares my same philosophies. At a TED conference earlier this year just posted last week, David talked about how artists composed music to suit the venue it was performed in. In essence, he shares the top line ideas in my book, though he arrives there via a slightly different path.

Our thoughts converge towards the end of his speech around the 11 minute mark. He discusses how musicians made music specifically for clubs and mp3 players, much like I do. He also summarizes by saying that while musicians romanticize their inspiration from passion, in most cases the vessel is considered first. This is akin to my statement that “technology dictates creativity”.

David, I’d love to get you a copy of my book and since we share philosophies from different perspectives, I’d appreciate your input as I write version 2.0 of Futurehit.DNA. Call me.

PS: I tried copying the embed code on my iPad to no avail, so to watch the talk, you’ll have to settle for this link instead.

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