If it was so easy to make a song that felt “of the moment”, then everyone would do it. The truth is that it’s not. One listen to Brightlive’s “Come On”, though, and one would think it’s effortless. When someone is able to integrate so many of the Futurehit techniques properly along with a very contemporary sound, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this song would take first place in the Futurehit.DNA contest.

The vocals, by guest Wendy Farone, come in quickly at the seven second mark. The quick, abrupt key change at the bridge of the song draws you fully into the song just before the chorus hits. That subtle shift isn’t in your face, but enough to make sure the listener continues to pay attention right at the key moment. They also keep the bridge short to make sure they don’t lose engagement prior to the chorus. When the chorus does come in, it punches nicely with the production with an in your face aggressiveness that is reminiscent of Pink’s best work. It also has a nice double repetition with the title repeated four times in the chorus and the phrase “right now” an additional three times. Without appearing too simple, there’s plenty of repetition to grab hold of. The breakdown at the end of the second chorus shifts both the production and the key change to maintain interest. The abrupt unresolved ending is the feather in the cap of a well made pop song.

Huge kudos to Brightlive’s Chris Barron and Andrew Prickett on writing a pretty kick-ass song. Here’s hoping this is the beginning of some big things for these guys.

Brightlive “Come On”


  1. Barbara Pope January 10, 2011 at 9:41 pm # Reply

    Haven’t heard the music, but if Frump is drummer, has to be good! Congrads on acknowledgement!

  2. Cisko Rodriguez January 13, 2011 at 7:34 pm # Reply

    This is a very cool tune. I agree it hits the points you mention really well. While I could argue about the production/mix choices, the hook is undeniable and I can see why it took top honors. Well done.

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